IWR 2015 – Surprising and simply awesome!

The eight IWR virgins of Kiel´s Team FördeRacer managed not only to survive this year´s contest but also to rank in the first fourth of the competition (8th of 32, see full results)! We enjoyed 4 days of sun, rain, long cold nights and early wake-ups camping around the very comfortable facilities of Berlin-Grünau´s racetrack.

After all bags and belongings were packed and our twin-hulls tied to the vehicle on wednesday noon we started full of ambition to get to Berlin. The first quest was to sustain our good mood in a 3-hour-traffic jam on the motorway. But nothing would bother us: we kept longboarding through the safety lane and finishing our new baby – a 3-D printed propeller.

You can imagine our degree of happiness when we finally arrived in Berlin-Grünau – later than expected but welcomed by the race committee and the other teams. At this point, a great thanks goes to the waterbike teams of Berlin and Hamburg who made this IWR happen so professionally and smoothly!

On Thursday morning the races started and we were amazed to find our waterbike rank quite high in the single disciplines. Nevertheless, there were some problems with material and its operation, but hey – there needs to remain something we can improve on 😉 It was interesting to look at the other boats and talk to the designers so that our list of possible improvements and new ideas prospered quickly.

That´s how 4 days went by way too fast and in the end (as if to celebrate our great achievement) two people added the jewel to our imaginary crown by „volunteering“ for an ocean-jump (in fact to reach out for our frisbee) 😀

What´s left to say? Just that we enjoyed the IWR 2015 a lot and spirits are higher then ever to build our new waterbike and participate even more successful in next year´s contest in Vienna!

Stay tuned!


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