Sustainability is a Mindset.

Welcome to the website of the student project Förderacer.

Projekt Vela

Off to new shores!

We are the water sports team of Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

For many years we have successfully participated in the International Waterbike Regatta (IWR). Now we focus on building sustainable sailboats and researching alternative materials for them, while continuing to improve our pedal boats.


Our sustainable dinghy

We designed and build a dinghy for the 1001 VELA Cup

Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We want to establish the use of sustainable materials in performance sailing.


Team Förderacer


Project Vela

A 75% sustainable dinghy for the 1001 Vela Cup made out of flax and bio epoxy resin.



Our latest waterbike for the International Waterbike Regatta. Our first experience with the use of hydrofoils.


Förderacer 1.0

Our oldest active waterbike for the International Waterbike Regatta.

news from the workshop

let’s keep in touch

Do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact information below or send a message in a bottle via the form.

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