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Our comeback to the waterbike circus in 2011: Förderacer 1.0.

waterbike Förderacer 1.0

For years of absence, the catamaran was the Kiel shipbuilding students‘ return to the waterbike circus in 2011. After the Jaffa Box, the new building was the Kiel shipbuilders‘ entry into the carbon age. With a length of 5.98 metres, the Förderacer not only fully exhausts the regulations of the championships but also the nerves of its constructors.

The Förderacer 1.0 celebrated its premiere at the IWR 2011 in Hamburg, where it was able to position itself in the good midfield despite some technical problems. Further experience was gained at the IWR in Duisburg 2012, so that the optimised Förderacer 1.0 was able to win eighth place out of 33 boats at the IWR 2015 in Berlin. In 2016, we came 14th in Vienna (unfortunately, our best discipline (acceleration) had to be taken out of the scoring because the measuring device broke halfway through the boats). In 2017, with all disciplines in the classification, we even managed 5th place at the IWR in Iława.

Förderacer 1.0
in figures

the turn back to the waterbike circus.

6 m


80 kg


10 kn


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