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Introducing the International Waterbike Regatta.

Logo IWR 2023, Kiel

The International Waterbike Regatta (IWR) is an annual event that brings together shipbuilding students from all over Europe. The event was founded in 1980 by shipbuilding students from Kiel and Hamburg. Over the past 39 years, the IWR has taken place in many European countries such as Germany, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway and is attended by over 300 students each year.

The teams take part in competitions of various disciplines with their individually constructed waterbikes: short and long distance, acceleration, slalom and bollard pull. The waterbikes must therefore be universally usable, which means that the competition between the universities produces high-tech waterbikes. The event was created to motivate students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in a sporting way. The focus of the event is linked to the exchange of knowledge and experience about study contents and technical challenges as well as making new contacts beyond the borders of one’s own faculty, study city and study country.

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