Sustainability is a mindset.

Introducing the 1001 VELA Cup.

The 1001 VELAcup is an event launched in 2005 to promote student sailing. The aim of the regatta, first organised by the architects Massimo Paperini and Paolo Procesi under the name „A Thousand and One Sails for University“, is not only to offer an exciting competition on the water, but also to strengthen the students‘ senses for sustainable manufacturing in the field of boat building. Thus, each team is responsible for its own innovative design and construction.

The regulations of the class include a maximum hull length of 4.60 metres, a maximum width of 2.10 metres and a total sail area of 33 square metres. As a special feature and above all with a view to the sustainable and ecological practice of sailing, the constructions must be made of at least 70% natural or recyclable materials. The 1001 VELAcup thus offers excellent opportunities to gain experience in project planning and teamwork and to actively engage in the sustainable production of ships and other constructions.

The boats compete against each other both on the water and in a design competition.

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